Servants of Christ United Methodist Church

     Men's Ministry and United Methodist Men

United Methodist Men are committed to spiritual growth of men, who experience God's transforming power in their lives and pass on their faith, to live and grow in others.  

It is our vision to be a presence in the church, but also a presence in the community, and to be recognized as a group of men that is real, not bound by formality, but willing to show care and concern for those who are outside our doors. Outreach includes sharing the renewing teaching and work of Jesus Christ, and mentoring males in life applications, in areas that will help them  grow socially and spiritually. 

Watch for the following: 

  • Men's Community Choir
  • Young Men's basketball team made up of community youth
  • Job skills workshops

We will strive to provide programs that will give men access to other men who are making a difference in their communities. These are the men who can share their stories, their struggles and their road to whatever success they have achieved, and who can share information with one another that will help them find opportunities to take the steps that may lead to positive change in their lives, or the lives of others.   

Because we are a small group of dedicated men, we invite volunteers to join us to realize these minitries. 


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