Servants of Christ United Methodist Church

Twenty Four Days of Love Before the Celebration of Christ Birth

What are those twenty-four days of love that we are so excited about?  They are the days that lead up to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord.  This year for Christmas, we wish to provide one family with a very special gift of love because of how our loving creator God shared the greatest gift of love with us.   

Each of those days before Christmas, our church family will share a gift of love with the selected family.   The gift may include but not be limited to a book of special prayers, or words of inspiration; something special for a child, youth, or parent; a gift card for the family.  For the twenty fourth day, a variety of foods will be provided for a blessed Christmas dinner—including a turkey and trimmings.  We are requesting that each church member choose one of the days before Christmas to share a gift during this wonderful season of giving.

We also ask you to suggest names of other families who seek help in celebrating Christmas Day with the gifts of hope, faith and love alive.  The members of Servants of Christ United Methodist Church will do our very best to serve as many families as possible. Gifts and volunteers are limited, so we will be limited only by our resources.   Our love for families in need is abundant and overflowing, as our prayers are. 

If you would like to participate by volunteering in this ministry and/or by giving one or more gifts of love, please fill out the form below so that a member of our ministry team will be able to contact you with more details. 

In addition, if you would like to recommend someone to receive a gift of love, please use the form to share with us your contact information and the contact information of the family to be considered as a recipient. 

Twenty Four Days of Love Ministry Form