Servants of Christ United Methodist Church

Praise Dance Ministry
"Praise the Lord... with dancing"

These words of deep motivation are found in Psalm 150 of our Holy Bible.  They encourage us to use the dance as one of many ways of worshiping our Lord and God.  As members of the Praise Dance Ministry, we worship our Creator with our whole selves.  

Part of our worship experience at Servants of Christ United Methodist Church is to take a sacred moment to welcome the Spirit of God into our presence.   As we dance, we praise God with every fiber of our being.   Through the dance, we tell the story of Christ with our movements, and share our testimonies with our hearts.

God’s people have many gifts and talents that can be used to our Creator’s glory and honor.  Equal to that, it is a great blessing to see our youth and young people dance in motions of praise to sacred music, and provide you with sacred messages of God’s love, grace, peace, and healing power.   Our praise dancers are grateful and honored to have the opportunity to bring the message of God’s love and saving grace to the people. 

You may be someone one would like to join our praise dance team as we help stir up the awareness of God’s awesomeness, goodness, love and compassion for us.  We invite you to come to special Sunday services and special programs to see our dance ministry perform in the love of God.  These young people have a remarkable and blessed interpretive gift of dance. Our heart-felt desire is to touch every heart with our joy, hopes and trust in God—and so…

If you have, or someone you know has a desire to praise and minister God’s love and care through the dance, we invite you to contact us now.  Please give us your contact information on the form located below.