Servants of Christ United Methodist Church

  Ministry! Men! Music!

King David, a great man of the Bible, told the leaders of the Levites to appoint their brothers as singers to lift up their voices in joyful songs to the Lord, and to accompany those songs with musical instruments:  their lyres, harps and cymbals (1Chronicles 15:16).  David knew that men committed to doing God's holy work—both the singers and the hearers—would be blessed.  

The All Male Community Choir at Servants of Christ United Methodist Church invites men of all ages to join us in ministry through song. Together, we sing words of encouragement for our lives; teach about the love and presence of our Great God and Savior; and lift up our voices in praise as unified men of faith.  

As a diverse body of a brotherhood of men, we have a wealth of stories to tell about life’s experiences and struggles, overcoming those struggles, and of witnessing and living the results of blessings that come with prayer, and blessings that come with the connections among ourselves through the grace and mercy of God.

There is something special about men getting together, making great music, and giving the message of faith in song to those who know the Lord, to those who are listening to learn, and to those who may have never heard about God’s realness and presences in their lives.  This ministry, the Servants of Christ All Male Choir, teaches us the word of God and encourages us to live in harmony with our Lord and with each other through music and our voices.

Preparing to sing to, and about the Lord is a great and awesome responsibility.   The results of the preparation will be heard by those who need to hear about God’s presence, love and action in our lives.   Details about the date, time and place for rehearsals to prepare us for service in the All Male Community Choir are forthcoming.

Please feel free to fill out the information request form below, and send it to us so that we may contact you about our All Male Choir.  We pray God’s great blessings for you.




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