Servants of Christ United Methodist Church


Church School 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM 

We invite you to Come and  “Feast” on God’s Word!

Teaching children of all ages, God’s loving care through Jesus, who will help them every day.

Just as we need to eat the types of food every day that will keep us healthy, alert and growing, we also need what is called “spiritual food.”  The Holy Bible provides spiritual food to feed us in our hearts, minds and spirits.

In the Bible, we read and learn about God’s love, concern and care. The Word of God helps us become the best we can be.  Problems may come, but prayer is available as a way to talk with God and ask for help in times of trouble, hurt and need.  Whatever the problems or concerns we may face, God will provide help when our prayers are honest and sincere.

A simple heart-to-heart talk with God—a prayer—will get God’s attention and heart.  God’s word can lead us through our problems in amazing ways, and we learn about how God helped people in the Holy Bible.  We can also learn about times of joy and happiness from the Bible.  God’s people often talked and sang about God’s love, care and concern for them—from the youngest child to the oldest adult.

At Servants of Christ United Methodist Church, we will use the Feasting on the Word Curriculum during our Sunday school classes.  The Bible lessons provided are designed for different age levels—from children, to youth, to young adults, to adults.  You and other students of all age levels will be able to talk with, listen to, and learn from each other about the same Bible subject on the same Sunday the lesson was taught.  This is wonderful for family members of different ages who attend together.

We believe the Bible lessons and teaching you will receive will help you, and all who come to our Sunday school, to better understand God’s love, care, concern, and plans for all.